Blue Box Cloud

Architecture Show and Tell

Jesse Keating


General Overview

Private Cloud as a Service

metered by total capacity

maximize capacity

minimize footprint



auth (Keystone v2.0 & v3)

compute (Nova v2 (1.1))

networks (Neutron ml2 v[x]lan)

block (Cinder v1 & v2)

object (Swift v1)

dashboard (Horizon) 

support & billing &... (Boxpanel)

images (Glance v1 & v2)


existing Havana

new installs and upgrades Juno

Kilo a close follow


The Basics

minimum of 3 physical nodes

control services on two

compute across all three

demo block spread across

production block storage on NAS

centralized logging (logstash, elastisearch, kibana)

centralized sensu monitoring


control services on multiple nodes with HAProxy balancing

UCARP managed internal / external floating IPs

rabbitmq active / passive (non-clustered)

neutron routing / dhcp moves with floating IP

Percona Galera mysql cluster w/ two data nodes, one arbiter node


Ubuntu base OS via Razor

Python virtualenvs for services wrapped in packages via Giftwrap

Ansible for orchestration via Ursula

Jenkins for CI

Github forks for downstream modifications

Rally for validation





Blue Box:

Blue Box Cloud show and tell

By Jesse Keating

Blue Box Cloud show and tell

An architecture show and tell for the OpenStack Kilo operators mid-cycle meetup

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