Designing a developer friendly CI/CD system

A presentation by Jose Aguinaga

What is a continuous integration/delivery system?

CI: The practice of merging all developer working copies multiple times to a baseline. 

The “Baseline”

CD: The practice of ensuring that software can be reliably deployed at any point of time. 

The “Delivery”

CI/CD system: An automated infrastructure that ensures both CI and CD of software developed.


Why is it important to implement a CI/CD system?

It works on my machine

(…) When you have CI, CD, you always see, you are always getting feedback of your systems.

Adron Hall, +15 years Engineer,

StrongLoop 2015 Conference

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How can we implement a CI/CD system?

Follow industry standards

Identify Key Components

Leverage on third-parties

When in doubt...

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Designing a developer friendly ci/cd

By Jose Aguinaga

Designing a developer friendly ci/cd

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