How To Write A Presentable “For and Against” Essay


If you’re a student and your teacher asked you to write my essay on the “For and Against” topic, you cannot do it until you’re equipped with strong writing skills. Some students consider writing this kind of essay as simple as ABC as it requires from a writer to present pros and cons of the topic only. Well, it’s imperative to mention here that it is not the case exactly; rather a “For and Against” essay demands a lot more than simply mentioning pros and cons or advantages and disadvantages of the assigned statement.

             This kind of essay is mostly a dry one. Readers often lose interest while reading this kind of essay because mostly the neophyte writers make a mistake of writing down advantages and disadvantages straightaway and succinctly. A writer must try to avoid writing down a mundane writing which makes a reader deviate his attention for the essay. A writer must have extraordinary writing skills so that he may turn dry and mundane statements into attractive and meaningful ones. Igniting the reader's interest in this kind of essay is not an easy task.

             It is highly recommended for all the students to enhance their writing skills. They’ve to do a lot of hard work in the right direction in order to make their writings remarkable. Doing so is not as a piece of cake. First of all, a writer has to adopt reading habits on a daily basis as it increases the vocabulary of a person to a larger extent. Reading newspapers, books, novels or any kind of magazines of a writer’s interest helps in raising his writing skills in a number of ways. Learning how to write essay for me in favor and against requires a keen interest by the writer.


The main body is the lengthiest section of essay writing. While writing a “For and Against” essay, a writer mentions all the points which are whether in favor or against the topic in this section. It must be his utmost responsibility to make those points unique and attractive to the reader. He can do this if he has not only a large collection of words but also knows the art of presenting and managing them in a robust way.

             Diversity in writing style comes with practice. Writing on a daily basis polishes the writing skills of a writer and hence he becomes able to present the same perspective about a particular subject in unique writing styles. Moreover, it is very important to learn about grammar mistakes as well. Reading and writing are inextricably linked with each other and play a vital role in upgrading writing style of an essay writer.  

There are some important factors which a newbie writer must keep in his mind before he commences to write a point in favor or against the topic. These points are directly linked with the structure of the essay. Below are those points which are as following

a)     Introduction about the topic must be concise.

b)     Introduce the topic straightaway and in a succinct way.

c)       A writer must avoid mentioning his point of view or stance about the topic while writing introductory remarks.

d)     Research on the topic must be in depth

e)     State all the points both in favor and against the topic in the form of paragraphs and explain them in detail in the main body of essay writing.

f)       Avoid using the words like “according to me”, “I think”, “I believe” etc in introduction as well as in the main body of the essay respectively.

g)     Conclude the whole discussion by stating your firm stance by giving your point of view in the conclusion section.

h)     Your opinion must be vivid and strong.

If you’re a new learner to this kind of essay writer free services, it will be a time taking process to adopt writing skills and strictly follow the aforementioned structure of essay. Some students prefer writing this kind of essay by themselves while others go for opting essay writing service. However, it depends on the situation. Learning how to write an essay in favor and against requires a keen interest by the writer.

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How To Write A Presentable “For and Against” Essay

By Joe Buttler

How To Write A Presentable “For and Against” Essay

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