In the browser

using Google Chrome

JavaScript console

REPL in Google Chrome


stops execution and starts debugger tool

click on the gutter to the left of where you want to add a breakpoint

refresh the browser


debug( functionName );
>  function foo(){ return "bar"; }
<- undefined
>  debug(foo);
<- undefined
>  foo();


pauses execution and begins the debugging session

function foo(){
  var value = "bar";
  value = "baz";
  return value;

Debugging Console Controls

Stepping through

step by step execution

    1        2       3        4      5        6 

  1. Pause / Continue / Long continue
  2. Step Over
  3. Step In
  4. Step Out
  5. Disable Breakpoints
  6. Pause on Exceptions

Watch Expressions

displays the value of an expression while you step through

Click the [+] button to add a watch expression

add the variable named value

the value is updated while stepping through the program

Scope Variables

displays what variables are visible in the current scope

Debugging in Browser

By Joe Karlsson

Debugging in Browser

In JavaScript Chrome console

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