A project by SelfieSticks Ideas

Our proposal

  • Focus on making it a fun game
    • The routine isn't forced into the user
    • Provides a reward, an advantage
      • The kids will see the routine as something positive

What are we designing?

Microsoft Fizzyo Challenge

>7M downloads in Android alone

How does it work?

  • Calibration - Before title scene
  • Gameplay - Trigger button to place blocks
  • Interference - Avoided using physio.  
  • Life system - Game over when all hearts are lost

Why is this effective?

Is it fun?

6 y.o.

7-9 y.o.

10-13 y.o.


Why is this effective?

Is it competitive?

Why is this effective?

Is it good for them?

  • Would they play again? – Overwhelming YES
  • Rewards good practice, instead of punishing a lack of it.
    • Changes their stance towards physio

Future features

  • Feedback system!
  • Make the game more fun
    • Adding different blocks (i.e. Icy, spongy, bouncy...)
    • Adding different hazards (i.e. Wind, rain...)
  • Add Leaderboards: Local, Regional, Global
  • Multiplayer mode: Online/Local
  • Competition mode – Kids asked for it!
  • Button placement on side of mask

Bill Nye the Science Guy 

In conclusion...

We have a product that:

  1. Proven to be popular
  2. Also proven: Kids with CF like it: they would play it often and for >10 minute periods
  3. Their physio is used in-game
  4. Celebrity endorsement

A project by SelfieSticks Ideas

SelfieSticksBlock Game

By Jonah Beaudin

SelfieSticksBlock Game

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