What is it?

A travel platform that encourages serendipitous exploration and discovery of city neighborhoods

Why am I doing this?

Internet makes traveling predictable

 Nothing like walking around without a reservation

I want to change the way people travel

Who is this for?

Technophiles in their 20s - 30s

Have traveled extensively and enjoy it

Comfortable stepping out of their comfort zone

Already use existing travel platforms

Looking for a new way to experience travel

User Research


Why do you travel?

How do you prepare for travel?

User Research


Looking for similar things

Very different approaches

Extensive research before traveling

Authentic local experiences

"Don't want to feel like a tourist"

User Personas

How will I do this?

Crowd-source activities from city locals 

Guide travelers through serendipitous itineraries


Heart of the experience is mobile

Activities += Itineraries

Desktop presence

User Flow

User Flow

User Flow

User Flow

User Flow

User Flow

User Flow

User Flow

User Flow

Next Steps

Categorizing travel

Prototype mobile experience

User testing

Thank You!


By Jorge A Brake


Midterm thesis presentation

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