Welcome to the crypto space!


Julien Béranger, iExec

December 2018

You don't have any crypto but you want to test an app that requires to have some?

iExec is here to help you! ;)

Get ready in 3 steps:

  1. Create a secure wallet

  2. Get a handful of crypto 

  3. Use them on the Dapp Store


1. Create a secure wallet

 Don't forget to back-up your wallet! ;)

  1. Save the file + password
  2. Save the pdf of your wallet

You're ready. Time to get crypto!

To buy ETH with cash,

you can use Dether! ;) 

To buy ETH with your credit card, we recommend Bitpanda or Coinhouse


2.Get a handful of crypto

To get the crypto you need for your tests, just drop your address

in the Gitter chan ;)

3. Use your RLCs on the Dapp Store

Welcome to the Crypto Space!

By Julien Béranger

Welcome to the Crypto Space!

How to create a secure wallet, get some crypto and use them.

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