Angular Connect Recap

Angular Connecr Recap

Kacper Sokołowski

Front-end developer @ Codewise

Angular Connect

Ivy was huge

Ivy is a new Angular compiler 



but I wasn't interested that much :( 


  1. Ivy won't be shipped in 7.x
  2. Smaller bundles sizes
  3. Angular Elements will be much smaller.
  4. A new way to do lazy loading which does not rely on the router
  5. ...

Igor Minar

Automating UI development

  1. Compiling Angular Components into Sketch Symbols 
  2. Creative technique of scraping the styles

Stefan Baumgartner & Katrin Freihofner

RxJS schedulers in depth

  1. Talented speaker, when the talk is published I highly encourage you watch it
  2. animationsFrameScheduler falls back to the default setTimeout scheduler when using non 0 delay
  4. Michael explained how schedulers are built

Michael Hladky

How to AI in JS?

  1. A bit of a disappointment to me
  2. Asim provided basic artificial neural network explanation
  3. Tensorflow.js (

Asim Hussain

How to AI in JS?

Asim Hussain

You Might Not Need NgRx

  1. Mike is a core contributor to NgRx
  2. Selecting NgRx for your app could be an overkill
  3. NgRx is an architecture that enables building good quality apps, but it comes at a cost
  4. Onboarding, code-reviews and maintaining high code quality is a challange

Mike Ryan

Optimize and debug change detection like a pro

  1. Max is a writer on
  2. Change detection details, IMO presented in a clearer way
  3. Lifecycle methods order execution explained

Max Koretskyi

The theory of Angular Ivy

  1. Core principles of Ivy explained

Alex Rickabaugh

Optimizability   pay as you go

Incrementality  → faster compilation, simpler libraries

Flexibility    → more powerful foundation 


Angular Ivy by example

Jason Aden

Angular Ivy by example

Jason Aden

  1. Apart from that Jason works on the router
  2. urlUpdateStrategy 'deferred'|'eager'

White-labeling & A/B testing with interchangeable components

Younes Jaaidi

  1. Impressive talk during which the speaker changed implementation on the fly
  2. There are no slides, no demos. You should watch it when it becomes online

Community Partnership



  1. Base price is 39
  2. CLI can be purchased during download for 8€ (after that it's 12€)
  3. Only one small font per project (you can buy second one for 29€)

Thank you!

Angular Connect Recap

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Angular Connect Recap

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