Building a successful documentation initiative

Kaitlin Newson

Digital Projects Librarian, Scholars Portal


  • Bi-weekly documentation sprints & monthly planning meetings

  • Editing in GitHub UI

  • Pull requests reviewed by other team members before merging

  • Docs hub is built and pushed by a PKP team member

Our Process

Documentation Sprints

  • Bullet One
  • Bullet Two
  • Bullet Three

Build your membership.

Not everyone needs to learn all of the technology.

Start simple.

Track tasks and issues.

Make it clear how to contribute.

Give participants multiple ways to contribute.

Include the community in decision making.

Work with  developers and the development process.

Find external partnerships.

But there are still some challenges too.

  • Sonya Betz
  • Israel Cefrin
  • Rosarie Coughlan
  • Vanessa Gabler
  • Roger Gillis
  • Jeanette Hatherill
  • Wayne Johnston
  • James MacGregor
  • Mariya Maistrovskaya
  • Mike Nason
  • Amanda Stevens
  • Kevin Stranack
  • Marco Tullney
  • Nate Wright
  • Emma Uhl


access 2019 - building a documentation initiative

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access 2019 - building a documentation initiative

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