Modernize your Legacy Codebase

Kalen Johnson

with a fresh blanket of Laravel


Modernizing legacy code is a slow and difficult process. Nobody wants to do it.

Using a framework like Laravel can help kickstart new features, refactors, and overall general developer happiness.

At least that's the idea


Familiar with Laravel

Start using helpers, models, other framework benefits right away

Regain some sanity


Larger app, complete rewrite will take too long

Start refactoring sooner rather than later

Soft Requirements

PHP Files as pages - easier routing

Entrypoint file - to load Laravel

Recent version of PHP deployed

A lot of AJAX - endpoint replacement



Routing in Apache


Load Laravel in Legacy app


Include Laravel in Legacy app

Getting Started


Use Laravel models, helpers everywhere

Use proper migrations, write factories, seed

Refactor to Blade templates

API endpoints can be written as new code

Start writing tests


Continue using old database

Refactors take a LONG time

Comprehending old code hurts

Thank You



Modernize your Legacy Codebase

By Kalen Johnson

Modernize your Legacy Codebase

Deploy your legacy app with Laravel behind it, allowing you to refactor and build with a more solid basis

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