(since 1st April, 2016)

Summer Report

  • 2 Dual Booting Camps, 4 PL Bootcamps
  • ITSP - 9 successful projects. EVENTual converted into a proper app.
  • Seasons of Code - Seniors mentored different types of projects in the summer. 80 participants, 13 mentors. Awarding 15 people for good work done.
  • Rattlesnake - An initiative to teach Python in a fun new way!
  • Google Summer of Code - 18 selections from IIT Bombay this year

Sponsored Events

  • Walmart Labs - Introduction to Machine Learning
  • SAP CodeJAM - Conducted for 40 selected students by SAP. Had collaboration with Facebook too.
  • Google I/O Extended - Screened Google I/O 2016. Sponsored by GDG
  • (Upcoming) Indus OS Hackathon (first week of October)

Other Senior Events

  • Coding GC - (Upcoming) Being developed by Govind Lahoti and Mohit Vyas.
  • (Upcoming) Introduction to Open Source, Network Security Sessions by CSE Department, Freelancing Session

External Activities

  • Nihal Singh, Akash Trehan and Arpan Banerjee participated in Hack InOut 3.0 at Surat and secured a top 7 berth.
  • Contacted ¬†Goldman Sachs, Facebook Mumbai, GDG for possible future collaboration.¬†

Fresher Events

  • Hack.Weekender() - WnCC Club orientation and first fresher 3 day hackathon. Immense number of registrations (~400) but few final submissions. Platform was MIT App Inventor.
  • Introduction to Competitive Coding / Algorithms - Shantanu Thakoor
  • (Upcoming) Web Dev hackathon in collaboration with cultural council and Mood Indigo.

Informal Sessions

  • Reflections - Series of talks on CS projects / internships. Two conducted so far by Kushal Babel and Shubham Goel. Next one by Sanat Anand.


  • tty9 - An extended family!
  • A brand new logo!
  • 200 T-Shirts (finally :') )
  • A new website
  • Road Trip 1.0!

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