How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2018

Before we take the plunge...

Let's have a quick recap of all those meaningless words we use

Behind the scenes

  • V8, SpiderMonkey, ChakraCore
  • Node Package Manager
  • Ecmascript Standard
  • ES9.... ES3
  • AMD, CommonJS, SystemJS, ES6 modules
  • Babel and babel stages
  • JSX (Javascript XML)
  • Webpack: Entry, Loaders, Plugins, Output
  • Webpack dev server
  • Dev and prod configuration
  • Hot reloading and HMR
  • Bundling and minification
  • Source maps

And some more...

  • Vanilla CSS, CSS modules, CSS in JS
  • Sass, less
  • Server-side, client-side and isomorphic rendering
  • State management: Flux, Redux, Mobx
  • ESLint, prettier
  • Polyfills and shims
  • Unit testing: Jest, Enzyme

And we haven't even talked about React!

Do I have to learn these things before starting React?


npm i -g create-react-app
create-react-app my-awesome-app
cd my-awesome-app
npm start


  • Create a Github account
  • Create a Twitter account
  • Follow me on both of them :P
  • Generate a React app using CRA
  • Explore the code, add some of your own
  • Push your code to Github
  • Tweet/ping me the URLs to your repos


Twitter and Github: @KarandikarMihir



By Mihir Karandikar