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Twilio is Voice over IP as a Service



Telephone Lines


  from: 'xxxxxxxxxx',
  to: 'xxxxxxxxxx',
  message: 'Hello, world'
}, err => {
  // Yay, we sent a text!


~ Microsoft

There's SO much more you can do.


Your personal mp3 player over voice.

(configured via SMS)


How does it work?

  • YouTube API search bot

  • On play, video is streamed off YouTube.

    • ffmpeg separates the video/audio streams

    • Final mp3 stream is streamed as a "waiting audio" file back to the phone

Complications & Things

  • YouTube is not a music site

  • ffmpeg is not made for real-time streaming

  • Twilio charges by the minute

Web over SMS

Untitled project to surf the web over SMS.



How does it work?

  • HTTP server running on Android

  • Traffic is rerouted to localhost

  • Server runs a tunnel via Twilio to a VPS

    • VPS connects tunnel to HTTP client, and executes the request

    • Response is tunnelled back

  • Response is pushed into WebView

Complications & Things

  • SMS messages are capped to a 135 character limit

  • SMS messages are not ordered

  • Carriers place a limit of 250 automated messages per day

  • SLOW

Thank you

Mad Science with Twilio

By Karim Alibhai

Mad Science with Twilio

Twilio, an up-and-coming company that provides VoIP as a Service, is used typically to build chat bots and for notification automation. But don't you wish you could do more.. like listen to music in real-time without internet?

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