"A place for web developers to code, share and learn from one another "

"Support for self-learners and those who want to pass on their knowledge and skills"

"Remove barriers to access for those starting out in the web industry"



CodeHub helps making connections in the tech industry and facilitates peer to peer learning. We do this by organising events, providing an online communication platform, and developing relationships with tech companies.


It is aimed at everybody who is interested in learning and sharing their knowledge, beginners and experienced developers alike. We especially want to encourage people new to the industry, and from diverse backgrounds.

Recurse Center (formerly HackerSchool)     New York


OpenTechSchool                 worldwide (started in Berlin)


CodeSelfStudy                                                         Berkeley


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  • Peer education, given freely
  • Not tied to any commercial organisation
  • Relying on high intrinsic motivation

What they have in common

From P2PU

Hack Nights     Dojos     Study groups    Mentoring    Workshops

Next steps

  • Ensuring mentors for newcomers
    are present at hack nights and WebDev101
  • Decide on how to run mentoring programme in future
  • More workshops?
  • Plans for funding and spending
  • Get more people involved in organising


There's so many directions one could go in!

  • How can and do we want to fund ourselves?
  • What should we spend money on?
  • What can and do we want to offer?
  • Who does what? (I'm a weird superuser at the moment)


Advisory Board Wanted !



Collect, document, collaborate



Thank you!!!

to everybody who contributed

and made things possible this far

And thanks for listening

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