Codehub 2014 in the Big Chill

From Kio Stark - Don’t go Back to School:


“My research revealed four facts shared by almost every successful form of learning outside school:


  • It isn’t done alone

  • For many professions, credentials aren’t necessary, and the processes for getting credentials are changing.

  • The most effective, satisfying learning is learning that which is more likely to happen outside school.

  • People who are happiest with their learning process and most effective at learning new things – in any educational environment – are people who are learning for the right reasons and who reflect on their own way of learning to figure out which processes and methods work best for them. “

"..and I don't really know what's going to happen with the institutions, but I do know that this wild learning is happening and that some people are becoming more expert at it." Howard Rheingold in the foreword to Peeragogy (

Evolution of organisational culture, as described by Frederic Laloux - Reinventing Organisations

Adrienne Maree Brown - Emergent Strategy

"Many of us have been socialized to understand that constant growth, violent competition, and critical mass are ways to create change. But emergence shows us that adaptation and evolution depend more upon critical deep, and authentic connections, a thread that can be tugged for support and resilience."

Start of a pecha kucha about Codehub

By Katja Durrani

Start of a pecha kucha about Codehub

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