Documenting the Open Web

Making information on web technologies open and accessible

A little about me

Kaustav Das Modak

Developer Evangelist, FusionCharts

Mozilla Representative


What is the Open Web?

  • Publish content and applications on the web in open standards
  • Code and implement the web standards that content/apps depend on
  • Access and use content / code / web-apps / implementations

- Tantek Çelik

3 key takeaways about Open Web

Transparent standards

Information about those standards

Access to those information for everyone

Is the web really "open"?


so far...

Principles behind the Open Web

Enable others

Share knowledge

Passion to build great products, collaboratively

Technologies of the open web

Are there enough information on these technologies?

Yes to an extent, but scattered.


Articles on tech magazines

Demo projects

These information need to be curated and ported to accessible platforms.

Who need these information?

  • Developers learning these technologies
  • Developers who need a quick reference for these technologies
  • Anyone new to the web, getting introduced to technologies behind the web
  • You, me and

How do we make these information accessible?

What have they achieved?

Mozilla Developer Network

Global contributor base, backed by Mozilla

In-depth information on a wide range of topics


New project, in its alpha phase

Gathering initial momentum

Where can you contribute?

Mozilla Developer Network

Help create page summaries and editorial reviews

Create live code samples

Do technical reviews of existing articles

Write a new article on a topic that you know

Contribute to the codebase!

Where can you contribute?


Pick a topic which is in progress and help complete a section

Review existing articles

Contribute to code base (it is MediaWiki!)

What you need to know to contribute

Any of the web technologies

A passion to write (content or code)

For webdevs, knowledge of Python/PHP

Willingness to contribute to a larger cause

And of course, some free time!

Be the Open Web Ninja!


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Documenting the Open Web

By Kaustav Das Modak

Documenting the Open Web

A short presentation on the status of gathering information about web technologies and making them available publicly through resources like the Mozilla Developer Network and Webplatform.

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