The Epic Stack

Kent C. Dodds

Let's wake up

Your brain needs this 🧠

Content Warning

Sadness... 😭

Modern web development is fantastic.

There are so many great tools available!


Real talk

Almost whatever you choose will probably be fine.

And yet...

And you know it...

On the one hand

On the other

It'll probably be fine...

You have to live with this...

And then...

Getting everyone aligned


And then...

wiring everything together...

But you just want to ship

I've been around.

And I've got opinions...


An opinionated project starter and reference

A Project Starter

(it's a Remix Stack)

npx create-remix@latest
--template epicweb-dev/epic-stack

A Reference Implementation

Soon with 🤌 docs

Decision Documents

HT Remix team

Guiding Principles

  • Limit Third Party Services
  • Include Only Most Common Use Cases
  • Minimize Setup Friction
  • Optimize for Adaptability

The             opinions...



Feature Flags


Custom Image Optimization

Light/Dark/System Modes

Production DB Seeding

both in docs and built-in...



More than one way to do the same thing.

Don't like the opinions? Forking is free ❤️ 

Help is welcome!


Thanks Matt an Filip (and others)!

Firm Foundation 🪨

Thank you!

The Epic Stack

By Kent C. Dodds

The Epic Stack

The Epic Stack is an opinionated project starter that allows teams to ship their ideas to production faster and on a more stable foundation based on the experience of Kent C. Dodds and contributors.

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