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All About ISOGG - isogg.org

 ISOGG reception at the Family Tree DNA conference in 2023

 Founded in 2005, ISOGG was the first society for DNA testers

 photo courtesy of Katherine Borges

 Autosomal testing did not start until 2010 and took time to gain momentum

Initially ISOGG focused on Y and mitochondrial tests and thus Family Tree DNA and its projects

ISOGG has a terrific amount of information about DNA testing on its website

The Resources Tab 

has lists of speakers and consultants

The speaker and consultant page  has a list that can be clicked on the left side

Lets  look at the Y SNP tree page next

The Yahoo forum is gone, replaced by other social media such as FaceBook

The Y SNP tree menu item will bring you here

Each umbrella  haplogroup has its own page

Here is part of the R page

Starting in 2018 these are in spreadsheets in google docs

The 2017 tree is easier to read but the nominclature is older

Also there are project leaders for the different subclades listed at the top of the page

The JoGG menu item takes you to the Journal of Genetic Genealogy

also founded in 2005

Sample titles from the most recent issue

The best resource at ISOGG is its WIKI

maintained by well known genetic genealogists such as Tim Janzen and Debbie Kennett

You can click on a topic from the homepage to see a list of those articles in the WIKI


On the home page under the list of Genetic Genealogy Resources is a link to a page with the History of this field up to 2008

On both the WIKI home page and the DNA testing page there is a list of Genetic Genealogy Resources

The DNA testing page has a lot of information, both an overview and a list of articles

The DNA testing page includes a substantial list of DNA tests

Many pages in the WIKI could use updating but it is still an amazing repository of information

One page that is kept up-to-date is the Autosomal testing comparison chart by Tim Janzen

Many pages have timeless information like the definitions and abbreviations


The glossary is an invaluable collection of definitions of DNA terms

The abbreviations list is very useful

Personally, when I want to look up something genetic I ask google and include the ISOGG wiki

Table from Cousin Statistics page:


Observed table of cousin statistics:


Table of autosomal DNA shared

Autosomal DNA statistics page


If you are on Facebook, join the ISOGG facebook group, they are also on X and Mastodon

 ISOGG in Ireland - Katherine Borges is front center

 photo courtesy of Katherine Borges

ISOGG - A Great Resource

By Kitty Cooper

ISOGG - A Great Resource

The web site for the International Society of Genetic Genealogy is a tremendous repository of resources

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