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The history of one platform

Pavel Shalaev (@lawrentiy)

august 2016

1.0 (28.10.2014) 1.1 (31.03.2015) 1.2 (27.10.2015) 1.3 (28.03.2016) 1.4 (27.05.2016)
0.10.46 Node 4.5
2.6 (3.0?) 2.6 MongoDB 3.2
globals, no import, js globals, no import, js ES2015 .babelrc
wrapper for npm wrapper for npm wrapper for npm pure npm integration
monolith core monolith core monolith core monolith core separate core packages versions
docs.meteor.com docs.meteor.com + Meteor Guide
ios, nix windows
Blaze Blaze Angular, React
Mobile Cordova 5.2 Cordova 6
packages Velocity Built-in application testing (
meteor test --full-app)
Hot code push Hot code push webpack:webpack
*.meteor.com *.meteor.com Galaxy (24.08.2015) *.meteor.com
github: 22122 * github: 35196 *


Apollo data stack

noSQL, SQL, REST, ...

Reactive GraphQL

History of MeteorJS

By lawrentiy

History of MeteorJS

MeteorJS get a lot of changes in their evolution. It wasn`t unsociable and self-closed. Meteor is open for integration of new technologies and MDG implement their very fast. At presentation I tried to show the history of Meteor, what was easy and hard for new developers. I tried to check here parts of platform witch have the biggest amount of questions of JS-dinosaurs.

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