Hello (・ω・)ノ

I am Tzu-Yin Hong

You can also call me Lily,
or ballfish.

(Ballfish is my nickname for FOSS community.)

This is a ballfish.

It is a creative in my favorite novel.



Introverted and shy

Working hard

Independent thinking

liking to make things by myself


Researching new technology

Participating FOSS community

Learning new knowledge

The communities I Participate


  • Students' Information Technology Conference
  • A conference held by students
  • I join to SITCON in 2015. I am in charge of administrative work.


  • Mobile Open Platform Conference
  • I join to MOPCON in 2016. I am aslo in charge of administrative work.


  • Conference for Open Source Coders, Users and Promoters
  • I join to COSCUP in 2019. I am in charge of agenda work.

Rust Community

  • I hold a book club to learn Rust language.



College student research project

2017 LoreMaster Tech internship

  • I used to work at Loremaster Tech Inc. as an intern. The job content is to develop a web crawler.
  • Programming language: C#

2018 Wavenet Software Engineer

  • Wavenet is a digital advertising agent
  • What I do:
    • Auto produce custom ad report
    • Online report
  • Skill
    • Frontend: React
    • Backend: NodeJs
    • Database: MongoDB

Side Project -

Docomo poinko textmaker

My website

This is my skill tree

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Introduction slides (English)

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