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Case studies from the fringes of edtech.

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Jason Toal, @draggin

Interaction Designer

SFU Centre for Educational Excellence


site http://jasontoal.ca/

Yeah, you know me!

Ian Linkletter, @Linkletter

Learning Technology Specialist

Faculty of Education at UBC


site: https://slides.com/linkletter

@OpenETC, What is it?

Case studies from the fringes of edtech.

  • NOT Open "...etc"

  • IS Open Educational Technology Collaborative

  • NOT a web hosting service

  • IS "Free Range EdTech"

  • Where you are welcome to actively participate

Join the OpenETC Mattermost community: https://bit.ly/openetc

From opened.ca:

The OpenETC is a community of educators, technologists, and designers sharing their expertise to foster and support open infrastructure for the BC post-secondary sector.


Case studies from the fringes of edtech.

What about values?


  • Sharing infrastructure along with content

  • Technological autonomy

  • Low barrier to participation

  • Sustainability

  • open education is not limited to just open educational resources. It also draws upon open technologies that facilitate collaborative, flexible learning and the open sharing of teaching practices that empower educators to benefit from the best ideas of their colleagues.” ~ Cape Town Open Education Declaration, 2007

@OpenETC, & SFU

Case studies from the fringes of edtech.

  • Online Discussions

  • Impromptu online teaching and learning

@OpenETC, & SFU

Case studies from the fringes of edtech.

EtherPad via Sandstorm

@OpenETC, & SFU

Case studies from the fringes of edtech.


@OpenETC, & SFU

Case studies from the fringes of edtech.

Mattermost instead of Slack

Three Topics

What's Mattermost?

Mattermost is an open source communication tool that facilitates collaboration in a chat-type environment.

But really, come try it out: https://bit.ly/openetc

Pilot Process

Learn all about it, including:

  • Instructor/TA responses
  • Student Responses
  • Effective Use Recommendations

Mattermost Evaluation

Key advantages of open source pilots


  • Access to all
  • Data sovereignty
  • No forced updates
  • No time-restricted demos
  • No RFP
  • Global contribution


  • Biggest roadblock: securing operational support
  • Second biggest: demonstrating value

Sandstorm on OpenETC: https://opened.ca/sandstorm/

Sandstorm makes installing a web application as easy as an app on your phone.

Sandstorm on OpenETC: https://opened.ca/sandstorm/

Sandstorm: how can it be used?

  • Quick first impressions
  • Instant demos
  • Rapid pilots
  • But still: our timelines

Open Source Facilitates Cooperation

  • Our pilot can become yours
  • Happy accidents
  • Spontaneous collaborations

The Sandstorm Sandbox:

from elementary to secondary


A community field experience student from Faculty of Education at UBC created this CC-licensed document mapping Sandstorm apps from OpenETC to BC Curriculum. Using anonymous apps Sandstorm can be used in classrooms!



Leadership isn't about "first".


It's about you and me.


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<presenter> You down with OpenETC?... <audience response> !

By Ian Linkletter

<presenter> You down with OpenETC?... <audience response> !

Who's down with OpenETC? Yeah you know me!

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