• Standing Tall Against Academic Surveillance

    Talk given at Aaron Swartz Day 2022 on November 13th, 2022.

  • Coffee with H5P

  • Creating Using H5P

  • H5P is Open

  • BCcampus - The Technology Toolkit

    These are the introductory slides for a webinar I hosted with BCcampus related to how technology can create a sense of care and community in an online learning environment. This webinar brought in expert guests for a faculty track and a technologist track. The sessions are archived on the BCcampus website: https://bccampus.ca/event/adapting-to-covid19-the-technology-toolkit/

  • BCcampus - Learning Design Studio

    These are the slides my co-facilitator Brenna Clarke Gray created for our first Learning Design Studio with BCcampus. This was the second webinar in a 5 part series, and the recording is available on the BCcampus website: https://covid19.bccampus.ca/webinars/adapting-to-covid-19-learning-design-studio-drop-in-session/

  • Adapting to COVID-19: In it Together – Building Community and Enacting Care in Online Environments

    Brenna Clarke Gray and I have co-led a 5-part series of events for BCcampus related to building community and care in online environments. These are the slides we co-created for the kickoff webinar. The recording and additional resources are available on the BCcampus website: https://covid19.bccampus.ca/mental-health-support/adapting-to-covid-19-in-it-together-building-community-and-enacting-care-in-on-line-environments/

  • Open Educational Technology

    Presentation and exploration to UBC's Faculty of Education regarding open educational technology in our context, the advantages of open technologies, and how to get started.

  • Faculty Mentor Session - Accessibility Presentation

    A presentation to UBC Faculty of Education faculty and staff who wish to improve accessibility in their online courses.

  • Ian: the learning designer?

    This was really fun. I had the opportunity to think deeply about if I could be a learning designer. I realized along the way that I may already be one.

  • Early Childhood Education Community

    This presentation was to a group of instructors teaching in Early Childhood Education in the Faculty of Education at UBC. I was asked to share strategies for teaching large sections (36 students) online.

  • OSS @ UBC

    Presentation to UBC Open Education Working Group describing some of the ways open educational technology is being used at UBC.

  • <presenter> You down with OpenETC?... <audience response> !

    Who's down with OpenETC? Yeah you know me!

  • Protecting our values in the shadow of tech giants

  • Mental Health for Pre-Service Teachers: Learn as You Go!

    I presented with Dr. Natasha Boskic at Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE) 2019.

  • Rethinking Discourse in an Online Learning Environment

    I presented (with Stoo Sepp) at the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE) 2019. UBC recently piloted an open source team chat technology called Mattermost, which has now been implemented at Enterprise scale for courses and cohorts. Implemented wisely, chat has the potential to increase timeliness of feedback, encourage student to student collaboration, and increase a sense of community within an online course. This technology has been transformative in how it blends real-time and asynchronous modalities, challenges the formality of a traditional discussion forum, and encourages ongoing participation. This session will cover real case studies from UBC's Faculty of Education and provide a space to engage with them in groups.

  • Chatting for Pedagogical Engagement: Mattermost as a Tool for Learning

    I presented with faculty and staff colleagues from UBC at BCNET 2019 about Mattermost's UBC implementation and how it is being used to enhance teaching and learning. #BCNET2019 Presenters were Letitia Englund, Dr. Mari Pighini, Pan Luo, and Tim Kato.

  • EOASC and Mattermost

    November 2018 presentation to the Distance Learning team in the Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric department in the Faculty of Science at UBC.

  • ETUG Fall Workshop 2018

    Ian Linkletter's lightning talk at ETUG Fall 2018 Workshop at Emily Carr.

  • Festival of Learning 2018

    Ian Linkletter's Festival of Learning 2018 presentation about the UBC Team Chat project.

  • Celebrate Learning Week 2018 - Choose Your Own Learning Presentation

    May 2018 - Ian Linkletter's team chat presentation for CLW

  • Mattermost - LLED 481 Presentation

    Dr. Ernesto Peña invited me to present in his LLED 481 (Digital Media in English Language Arts Education) class. This presentation took place on July 18th, 2017, at UBC Vancouver.

  • UBC Mattermost Chat Pilot

    March 28th, 2017 - Ian Linkletter's Mattermost presentation for the Learning Analytics Visual Analytics (LAVA) group at UBC.

  • Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education: A Massive Online Course

    Ian Linkletter's UBC Faculty of Education TEC Expo 2015 presentation. This presentation took place on July 8th, 2015, in the Scarfe Neville building at UBC Vancouver.

  • An edX Case Study

    Ian Linkletter's ETUG 2015 Spring Workshop presentation. This presentation took place on June 4th, 2015, at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC.