Open Educational Technology in the Faculty of Education


Ian Linkletter, Faculty of Education

Open Source Software


  • freely available
  • may be redistributed
  • may be modified 


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Awesome UBC FOSS

A curated list of free and open source software projects at UBC 

Open Source Educational Technology:

UBC Faculty of Education Context

  • Canvas
  • Kaltura
  • WordPress
  • Mattermost
  • H5P
  • Etherpad
  • Open edX
  • UBC Wiki


Canvas is an open source LMS


  • UBC licenses the cloud version of Canvas from Instructure, Inc.
  • Cloud computing means increased reliability, speed, and updates
  • This is an example of an open source technology hosted by a third party.


Kaltura is an open source media platform


  • UBC hosts Kaltura for the Province
  • I explain it as YouTube at UBC
  • Access in Canvas with the           button
  • My Media in Canvas is another way



Open edX is an open source Learning Management System built for the delivery of instructor-paced and self-paced Massive Open Online Courses.

UBC and edX


  • is an example of an open source technology operated by a third party with additional cloud functionality.
  • UBCxOnline is an example of one we host ourselves at UBC.

Open edX at UBC

UBCxOnline is an Open edX server hosted and operated by UBC:


  • More enrolment flexibility
  • Full platform control
  • Accessible from every country
  • Our server, our policies
  • Can scale up at minimal cost
  • Ideally suited for big impact fast

Open edX at UBC: UBCxOnline

Open edX at UBC: UBCxOnline


WordPress is an open source blogging platform hosted at UBC. It's the foundational tool for Open Education practices.

The "non-disposable assignment" is employed to allow students to co-create knowledge and make it public (if desired).


Mattermost is an open source team chat tool that facilitates "any-time" communication.

This is an example of an open source tool hosted by UBC, but with a paid license to enable CWL login and course user sync.

Think "Slack" or "Microsoft Teams"


Interactive content for WordPress or Canvas!

Privacy and OSS

No tracking


No data monetization


No sovereignty issues

Join the OpenETC Mattermost community:


The OpenETC is a community of educators, technologists, and designers sharing their expertise to foster and support open infrastructure for the BC post-secondary sector.

Sandstorm Demo

  • Etherpad






Open Educational Technology

By Ian Linkletter

Open Educational Technology

Presentation and exploration to UBC's Faculty of Education regarding open educational technology in our context, the advantages of open technologies, and how to get started.

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