Climate resilience training is being rolled out

It aims to assist you to consider climate change as part of your everyday work

Managing climate change is important because climate impacts on the things that our community values

Things like.....

Our community's health

Our community's infrastructure

Our biodiversity

And for many of these things we play a role in their delivery, protection or maintenance

The training is therefore for people who shape the decisions that influence our city

- decisions about our services, our infrastructure, our suburbs, our community, and our environment

If you write capital works submissions, budget bids, undertake team business planning, input into development decisions - this training is for you!

Responding to climate change is not difficult

Sometimes slight changes are all that are needed to ensure that we can continue to meet our community's needs

The best response is to make good decisions

The training will assist you to make good decisions

Through managing the uncertainty associated with climate change.

Making good decisions have many other benefits broader than just climate change.

The training will build your understanding about climate change and how to respond

The training will provide:

- Information about the climate science

- Industry accepted methodologies for considering climate change

- Ways to make your decisions flexible to climate change

Email: Burke Renouf,  Coordinator Sustainability

if you are interested in attending

Training to be delivered late July and throughout August 2016

For more information see:

Who should do the climate resilience training

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Who should do the climate resilience training

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