What are online Casino free spins?

Probably you have never gone to a real money online casino in Canada and asked for a few free spins on the machines. Of course, not without reason: such an offer is not available in any arcade in the world. It looks different in the online Casinos. In recent years, Casino free spins have become an integral part of the market. For you, this means that you can use free spin offers from numerous providers. But what exactly are online Casino free spins? In principle, these are free spins. So you can play at the Slots or slot machines in the online Casino with real money and do not need your own credit. Of course, the number of Free Spins is fixed, so you can use 10, 20 or 50 Free Spins, for example.
The value of the individual Casino Freespins is also specified by the respective Casino. As a rule, the value of a free spins round is between 0.10 Euro and two Euro. It is obvious that you should look especially for the lucrative free spins.

Online Casino free free spins: how do I get it?

Of course, no Casino is obliged to provide you with free spins or other bonus offers. Nor are the offers all designed identically. For example, the free spins can be Online Casino free spins. With these offers you do not have to take your own dime in hand and get the free spins from the Casino simply as a gift. However, it may also be that the free spins online Casino are tied to a deposit. In this case, you must first deposit a certain amount into your player account and activate the Freegames.

Free spins offers for new customers

An easy way to access the Free Spins is to open an account with a provider. Free spins offers are enormously widespread for new customers in Casinos. So the chances are correspondingly good. It is important to note with the new customer offers how exactly these can be activated. Often, your registration with the provider is sufficient to receive free spins at the online Casino. Other providers may link the activation to a previous deposit. But then it is often the case that you can activate an additional deposit bonus in addition to the free spins.

Get free spins as an existing customer in the online Casino

A few years ago it looked quite lean in the online Casinos around the existing customers. Fortunately, that has changed. So the Casino free spins have long since arrived in the promotions for existing customers. In some cases, the providers distribute the free spins within the framework of weekly offers, for example. If, for example, a" top game of the week " is chosen, there are free spins for this. Other providers, however, simply write these regularly on the player account well. It is also conceivable that you can activate the free spins Casino as part of a loyalty program.

Casino Freespins: there are free spins for these games

Basically, the providers make their Casino free spins available for very different slot machines and Slots. This is appealing, because several games can be tried out. But: there are actually a few games that are preferably linked to these offers. The games of NetEnt, for example, should be mentioned here. Especially the NetEnt Superslot Starburst. In addition, the developer Play'n Go with the title Book of Dead is also one of the relevant providers. For these games you will be able to secure Freegames in the Casino from numerous providers. Playing casino games with free spins is of course also possible in other cases. As I said: every provider can implement their own ideas here.
However, it is important for you to know that the online Casino free spins cannot be used on progressive Slots. Progressive Slots are the Jackpot Slots that can partially pay out winnings in the millions. But it would also be too nice if a few free spins could make you a Slot millionaire. You can find out more about the Jackpot Slots or the developers in our Casino school.

What can I win with the free spins?

The exact amount of possible winnings with the free spins can of course not be generalized. But: it is Standard that you can win real money with the free spins at Freespin Casino. Otherwise, these offers would hardly be attractive. In this context, however, you should always check how high the maximum profit may be. Especially when it is about free spins without Deposit, often a ceiling is set by the provider. The value of the Freegames also tells you what is basically possible here. Probably the most important information, however, is that real money can actually be won with the free games.

What are online Casino free spins?

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What are online Casino free spins?

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