Introduction to

Ruby On Rails

by :
Sameer Rahmani (@lxsameer)
Behnam  Khan Beigi (@yottanami)


Who are we ?

We . . .

  • have 9 years experience as senior developer in Yellowen
  • have over thousands of contributes to FOSS world
  • are official GNU project developer
  • are members of Debian python team
Expert in:
PHP, Python, Ruby, Javascript,
 C/C++,Perl, Clojure, Scala

Many successful projects

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What is

Ruby On Rails ?

 + Web framework =

Ruby on Rails is a web framework  that's
optimized for programmer happiness
 sustainable productivity

It lets you write beautiful code by favoring
 convention over configuration

Why Ruby ?

Ruby brings large increase in productivity


Non traditional programming


Ruby is very easy to


Ruby is very powerful


Meta Programming 

Every thing is an object

string =

2.times do 
    puts "Hello world"
end # Hello world# Hello world

1.upto(100) { |i| puts i }# 1# 2...# 100
some_list = [String, "some string", Integer]

Everything is an Object

class Class
  def some_method
    puts "I'm in 'Class' class"

class Test

# I'm in 'Class' class 


people.each do |person| if person.sick? doctor.visit person else  person.jumps_around end end
hello = do |string| puts "Hello #{string.upcase}"end 'sameer'# Hello sameer

Monky Patching

 ( Open Classes )

class String
  def say_hello
    puts "Hello #{self.to_s}"

# Hello sameer 

And lots of awesome features

Why Rails ?

Why Rails ?

  • MVC design
  • It follows a RESTful, resource-oriented approach
  • Strong dependency management, thanks to bundler
  • It supports wide range of databases
    (SQLite, Postgresql, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, etc)
  • Rails Convention* allows rapid development

Why Rails ?

  • Very active community
  • It's all about testing and unit tests.
     (lots of unit test framework even for javascript)
  • Very unique assets management system.
  • Integrated with CoffeeScript and Sass lang
  • Autoloading dependencies (using convention)
  • Multi-Stage development environments

Why Rails ?

  • Rails apps can be easily deployed to clouds
     (like: Heraku, Openshift, Amazon S3,
     or private servers or clouds)
  • Same structure for each application allows
     easy debugging and rapid development
  • Database migrations
  • Thanks to Monkey Patching, extending
     Rails would be very easy

  • There are lots of useful gems around.

Trusted by giants

  • Scribd
  • YellowPages
  • Basecamp
  • Shopify
  • Urban Dictionary
  • SlideShare
  • GitHub

Trusted by giants

  • Hulu
  • Groupon
  • LivingSocial
  • Twitter (old version)
  • SoundCloud
  • ZenDesk
  • Rubygems (of course)

What is Ruby Gem?

  • Gems are ruby code packages
  • Install gems on your system using `gem` command
  • Rails framework is a gem
  • You can have multiple version of a same gem

What is Bundler ?

  • Bundler is a dependency management
     system for ruby
  • Bundler uses ruby gems
  • Rails uses bundler to handle dependencies
  • Bundler can fetch gems from wide range
     of locations with different protocols

It's show time

Ruby installation

  • Install Ruby using your package manager
  • Install Ruby using RVM
  • Install Ruby using rbenv ( my favorite )
  • Install Ruby using chrb 

Let's review rbenv.

How to Install Rails ?

It's very easy. Just do it like:
$ gem install rails 

Let's have fun with

 Ruby on Rails
for couple of minutes

How can I learn more ?



Meet us


We always hang out at
#5hit channel on Freenode IRC 

Not satisfied ?

Ask your questions on IranOnRails

or on Twitter:

or by Email:

Take care guys

Hope to see you again

Introduction to Ruby ON Rails

By Sameer Rahmani

Introduction to Ruby ON Rails

A short presentation on RoR

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