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Portfolio La Nacion

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One Block | Washington Post 

Spider's nest | Dnevnik

Fit for a pontiff | NYT 

Trajan's Column | National Geographic 

Amazonia: Vital and Fragile | National Geographic

Strange sports | Jornal i 

Portfolio | El Telegrafo


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You Draw It: How Family Income Predicts Childrens College Chances  | New York Times 

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Homan Square: a portrait of Chicago's detainees | The Guardian US

Blue Whale | Fusion

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The Next To Die | The Marshall Project

How Syrians are dying | New York Times

A 3D Curve that predicts the economic future | New York Times

The Down Wall | New York Times

The climate change pledges are in. Will they change anything? | New York Times

Watch how measle outbreaks spread | The Guardian

What's really warming the world | Bloomberg

The shapeshifting US income distribution | Financial Times

Portfolio | FiveThirtyEight

Best Map: Unaffordable country | The Guardian

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Archie Tse | NYTGraphics

Monica Ulmanu | Guardian Visuals

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