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Harry Roberts - FaCSSt—CSS and Performance

CSS = highest correlation to render time

  • Blocking resource
  • Build CSSOM
  • Layout / Paint / Compositing

Parsing a 1MB stylesheet on a Moto G4 takes > 2s !  

Tips & tricks

  • Don't use base64 encoding (parsing 10 to 32x slower)
  • @import makes your CSS synchronous
  • Selector performance (keep your nesting limited)
  • Alphabetic CSS 🤔
  • Sass mixins > extend 🤔
  • Splitting assets domains (maybe) not a great idea : overhead from DNS lookup, initial connection, SSL
  • <link rel="stylesheet"> in <body> - no support yet on Chrome (coming in 69) and Safari but graceful degradation !

Mike Herchel - Chrome devtools tips & tricks

  • h to toggle visibility of an element
  • Contrast ratio inspector
  • Break on attribute / subtree modifications
  • Performance --> bottom up --> group by domain
  • Console eager evaluation
  • Console.time + timeEnd
  • Sources overrides

Burke Holland -

Visual Studio Code can do that?


  • Toggle sidebar : ctrl + b
  • "npm.enableScriptExplorer": true
  • Emmet update image size
  • Debug browser apps
  • Emmet Wrap Individual Lines with Abbreviation

Heather Burns -

Privacy, data protection, and open source development

Cultural and legal differences towards privacy in EU vs US

Do not view privacy as a legal obligation or as a one-time compliance checklist

Helping make Wordpress sites GDPR compliant

Niels Leenheer  - Fun with Bluetooth


Bluetooth devices run a webserver

A bunch of limitations

  • APIs not always open
  • You have to know the UUID of the service or characteristics you want to access
  • Browser support (very) limited

Heydon Pickering  - Get Your Priorities Straight


Real people aren't looking to be delighted.

People want to get the task done and get on with their lives.

Why do they call it a hero image?

Because the user says:
"Thanks for the pointless 500KB image, you're a
fucking hero"

Insights from Frontend United 2018

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Insights from Frontend United 2018

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