Transmisogyny 101

Presented by Maëlys (She/Her)

This talk is shaped by my privilege

We all have privileges

I'm white

I have a stable income

I'm neurotypical

I'm thin 

I'm able-bodied

I'm young

My life experiences shaped how I think

My privilege means I didn't have to think about some things

I have a lot of catching up to do

So it's important to recognize that this talk has flaws because I made it

Your input is welcome


Trans Man/Woman




What do these have in common

(Trigger Warning)

Raj: I thought about what you said last night, and I went back on the dating website and I was looking at this girl’s profile… She’s amazing.


Amy: Oh, she’s cute… And smart. Phi Beta Kappa…


Raj: And, judging by her lack of adam’s apple, she’s been female her entire life.

Big Bang Theory

Liz: Next time Floyd brings home some corn pone tranny back to his apartment, all he’s gonna be thinking about is me, standing there in the snow, looking like the one who got away.

30 Rock

Stripper: Heh. I’m actually a dude. See the hair on my lip? Waxing doesn’t work.

Hitman: Absolution

Dean Allison: I find this potentially legitimized access for men in girls' bathrooms to be very disconcerting. As sexual predators are statistically almost always men, imagine the trauma that a young girl would face, going into a washroom or a change room at a public pool and finding a man there. It is unconscionable for any legislator, purposefully or just neglectfully, to place her in such a compromising position.

House of Commons


talk stats

Experiences of transphobia were nearly universal among trans Ontarians, with 98% reporting at least one experience of transphobia.


TransPulse: Experiences of Transphobia among Trans Ontarians

Gender matters.

We also found that, on average, female-to-male or transmasculine spectrum individuals (FTMs) experience transphobia less frequently than male-to-female or transfeminine spectrum individuals (MTFs). FTMs are statistically significantly more likely than MTFs to report experiencing low levels of transphobia (47% for FTMs versus 29% for MTFs). Among individual questions, FTMs were significantly less likely to report having been made fun of, having to move away, or having worried about growing old alone.


TransPulse: Experiences of Transphobia among Trans Ontarians

Race matters.

Approximately three-quarters of racialized, 62% of Aboriginal, and 29% of white trans people reported experiencing any racism or ethnicity-related discrimination. However, white trans people were statistically significantly more likely to report never having experienced racism or ethnicity-related discrimination.


TransPulse: Experiences of Racism among Trans People in Ontario

There is something going on

Both transmasculine and transfeminine individuals are harmed by transphobia.

But there's something more going on when it comes to transfeminine individuals.

Carla: Ugh, I’m an old hag. I mean, look at her. Everything’s so tight and perky. Come on Carla, it’s not her fault. Just do what you always do, turn the other cheek and quietly spread the rumor that she’s a guy.


Dwight: His last girlfriend was a transvestite. I knew it right away. Adam’s apple like the prow of a ship. Thumbs like a lowland gorilla. Ha. But this one couldn’t see it or didn’t wanna see it.

The Office

Slurs, as used by cis people, refer to trans women.


"the assumption that femaleness and femininity are inferior to, and exist primarily for the benefit of, maleness and masculinity"

Julia Serano

Different than misogyny

How society perceives women.

Masculinity is prized.

Women are devalued and judged on their bodies.

Trans women run afoul of these standards.

Transmisogyny also constricts everybody else.


Can you think of examples of transmisogyny?

Ground Rules

  • Don't assume pronouns

  • Speak from your own experience

  • You can take lessons from this space, but people's experiences are private and don't share them without their consent

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Transmisogyny 101

By Maëlys

Transmisogyny 101

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