So you want to do a lightning talk but don't know what to talk about?

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HOW Do you know what to Talk about? 

What’s something you work with fairly regularly and understand 80% of, but not 100%?

What’s a new technology or technique that you’ve heard of recently, but don’t know much about?

Do you have a particular workflow that you use and really like?

What’s an accepted practice that “everyone knows” but that you (or others) haven’t looked into for a while?

What’s your hobby? What lessons are shared between your hobby and your job?

Think back to a year ago. What would you have wanted to know? What advice would you need?

 What’s a book you read or an experience you had recently that you found particularly interesting, relevant, or profound?

 Is there something that irritates you about your work or process? 

What's Next?

Focus on answering why rather than the mechanics of what the talk will cover

 Write down the general, high-level ideas that you want to talk about, this is just for you so feel free to be messy and let ideas flow.

Break your content into ABOUT three things, this will make it easier for people to remember. 

TALKS Don't have to be about success

It doesn't need to be pretty.

Give it a go.

So you want to do a lightning talk?

By Mandy Michael

So you want to do a lightning talk?

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