Columbus Ave Survey Training #2


Welcome and Introduction

Digital Divide in Roxbury/Jamaica Plain

Survey Plan

Survey Pitch

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Next Steps-take the survey, stay in touch!

Meeting Goals

Confirm survey plan and practice survey communication

Refresh ourselves on purpose of Digital Equity Survey

  • Housing

  • Transportation

  • Climate Resilience and Clean Energy

  • Economic Development

  • Land Use

  • Municipal Government

  • Policy

  • Digital Access

Metropolitan Area Planning Council


An Adequate Device



Three Determining Factors of Digital Access

Households Without a Computer

According to this Census data 27.1% of “Columbus Ave Corridor” households do not have a computer.


According to this Census data 15.5% of “Columbus Ave Corridor” households are solely reliant on a smartphone for internet access.

Households With Only a Smart Phone


According to this Census data 39% of “Columbus Ave Corridor” households do not have access to the internet.

Households Without Internet

Compared to Boston

The Columbus Ave Corridor experiences substantially higher levels of digital divide issues than Boston as a whole.


Survey Plan

  • Meet at Saturday, 11:45am at Urban Edge Office
    • 1542 Columbus Ave Roxbury, MA 02119

  • Divide into teams of 2-3 persons 

    • Assign an area to each team(out of 5)  

    • Pass out maps and address lists for area

      • Keep track of the houses/blocks you visited

    • Each team gets a tablet

      • Show how survey software works  

  • Additional Info to give out 

    • Survey Flyer (if not taking survey at the moment)

    • EBB and other programs  

Survey Pitch

Hi, my name is _______, and I am representing Urban Edge, a community development corporation here in Roxbury. We are working to improve the digital divide in our neighborhood, and want to hear what challenges our neighbors might be facing with getting on the Internet, buying computers, or  using those tools.


Do you have a few minutes to take a survey for us? Each survey is entered into a raffle, and 20 people will win $100. 

Possible responses:

I aint got time for that! (slams door)

How long will this take?

What do I win?

Sure, come on inside!

I cant do it now, can I do it some other time?

How will I get the raffle prize if I win?

Comcast gives me free WIFI! 

Who is Urban Edge?

Columbus Ave Youth Survey Training #2


Columbus Ave Youth Survey Training #2

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