Review Draft Community Needs Assessment

Discussion: Feedback, Timeline, Partners, Budget...

Next Steps

  • Minimum 200 responses, paper or digital

  • 10 minute survey

  • Incentives for respondents 

  • Multiple languages – English, Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole

  • Distinguish between subsidized home owners/renters and others 

Survey Goals

  • What languages should the survey be conducted in, and do we have the ability to translate?
  • Add question to survey about owning, renting, subsidized or non-subsidized residency?


  • Project management 

  • Remote support for partners and community members 

  • Data entry

  • Report back

  • Resources

Survey Coordinators

Urban Edge

  • Partner recruitment

  • Survey deployment and collection 

  • On-the-ground support for partners and community members

  • Resources

  • Are these the correct responsibilities and does Urban Edge and the capacity and interest in this role?
  • What are Urban Edge's best practices for surveying in their neighborhood?

Affordable Housing

  • JPNDC 

  • Community Builders 

Neighborhood Allies

Survey Partners

  • Can these partners support the survey work?
  • How do we recruit them and what compensation can we offer, if necessary?
  • What are appropriate goals to set for each?
  • Three Squares Main Streets/Egleston Main Streets (business community)

  • Tenant Associations 

  • Urban Edge Programs

    • Strong Start

    • Family Supports

    • Financial programs

Focus Groups (2-3)

Existing Groups

  • What do we want to learn from these focus groups?
  • How do we recruit them and what compensation can we offer, if necessary?
  • Who should lead these focus groups?



  • Each partner group sets goal for X number of surveys they believe they can collect via:

    • Door knocking

    • In-building mail for Housing Groups

    • Office visitors 

    • Phone banking

    • Events 

      • Add to master calendar 

    • Survey Conductors

      • Branded Clothing/ID/Lanyard

      • Have digital survey for collection in addition to paper surveys

      • QR Codes to share

  • Urban Edge to collect surveys 

    • Weekly? 

In-person Survey

  • What is our study area, how do residents refer to their neighborhoods, and what is the best way to confirm their residency? (home address, select area (census tracks), what neighborhood do you live in?)

  • QR code for flyers, surveyors 

  • Distribution Channels for each Organization: 

    • Email list 

    • Text outreach 

    • Other 

  • Social media channels for Digital Survey distribution  

    •  By Organization:

      • Twitter  

      • Facebook  

      • Whatsapp  

      • Instagram

Digital Survey

  • Review survey and add/delete questions
  • Food for Focus Groups 

    • Or Individual ($10, local restaurant) gift cards

  • $50-$100 gift cards for Survey Conductors (depending on hours worked/assigned) 

  • $50-100 gift card for Survey Raffle

    • Donations (Main Streets?)

  • ​Other?


  • How should we compensate survey conductors? (MAPC)
  • What incentives can be offered to survey respondents, if any? (UE)
    • Local business or other donations?
  • ​How does this impact the budget?


  • Will this timeline work for UE? What events can be targeted within the timeline?
  • Present to UE Advisory Board

    • Present to UE Staff 

      • With Youth Survey Conductors?

  • Final Memo/PDF

    • ​​Share with Stakeholder Groups

    • Share with Survey Partners

    • Share with City leaders, UE funders, constituents, surveyees

    • Post online

Sharing Results

UE Community Engagement V2 9_29


UE Community Engagement V2 9_29

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