Open data, ok.

But shareable open data?

We have loads of open data!

but... see, consume, analyze, visualize and share it, you need to be a...


...because open data formats often comes in formats like XML, JSON, CSV, TXT which is excellent for machinereadability 


...we are no machines.

...ok, if you are a hacker lite, you manage to get hold of some data in .csv or .xls
That's great! But... you want to share it on facebook, twitter or whatever. And... the data is on your local pc.

You cannot :-( But...

...what if there was a service where you can..

...upload aggregated data, mix with other public datasets, visualize and share?

In a chart form... a map form. Or... a simple table. And...

  • share your view with a click

  • remix with other datasets

By uploading your aggregated data you also are making it accessible for others.



Our app is meant to make open data just not open, but also:

  • accessible

  • shareable

  • remixable

in short... 


...a hub for making Open data

Democratic Data

And for publishers of open data from any country as, etc., we will also make an embeddable button for oneclick-publishing of aggregated data to the app.

You can see an early




By Marcus Asplund