Fun Fact: The whale's name is Moby Dock

What are learning?

What is Docker?

Why do we care are about Docker?

How to Docker?

All in 20 minutes or less!

but first!

Now, to understand the solution, you must understand the problem!

The problem:

A developer's responsibility at the end of the day is to ship code. That shipping of code, from a developer's laptop to a production environment, has proven to be hard.  There are have many "good enough" solutions, but they are fell short and had big problems

Wild idea!

What if we could set up a system that allows us to work in and ship our code in the exists same environment, in a reproduce, consistent and lightweight manner?

What is Docker?

Docker is a platform for developing, shipping, and running applications. Docker allows developers to run your app in an isolated and controlled environment, and then ship those environments to many other environments

Inspired by shipping actual stuff.

Key Terms:

  • An image is a blueprint of how the server should run. Images are considered a snapshot of the environment the app should run in.
  • A container is an instance of an image. You can use an image to make many containers.
  • A registry is a platform to host images.


how do use this new knowledge for the "good" of my team?

In practice, we create images of our web apps and deploy containers based on those images from our registry. Let's package and ship our API.

docker in 20 mins or less

By Mark Dewey

docker in 20 mins or less

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