How to take care of an ESA cat in winter.

Are you worried about your cats in the winter because they do not stay at home all the time?

Well, your anxiety is on point because even in winter, the cats do not like to stay at home all the time and they go out to litter or to have a walk. It's normal with every cat. Mostly, cats love to stay indoors, but their outdoor visits are also frequent. However, in winter, it can cause a serious problem for you as due to the extreme weather, it is important to keep your cat warm.

Now, the question is: what should you do to keep your cat safe and warm in winter?

Cats are lovely and no one wants their cat to get sick and unhealthy due to the extreme weather. Thus, I am at your service as I will give you some tricks and tips which can help you out in extreme weather, especially when you have an esa letter for landlord and your cat is staying with you 24/7. These tips are similar to the guidelines which you can use in the winter and which can be applied to the dogs or other ESAs.

Now, be ready to know some cool and easy tips that are for your help.

  •         Always Keep your Cat Dry and Warm

Imagine if you wear wet clothes in winter, what happens? Of course, you will get a cold which would further lead to cough, fever, and flu. Similarly, your pet is also at risk of getting cold if it stays wet and moist in the winter. You should always try to keep a dry hot towel for your pet so that when your cat gets wet or moist, you can dry it up. After a warm dry towel, prepare some indoor warm and dry place for them so they can snuggle in it and curl up to help their body maintain a normal temperature.

  •         Keep a Litter Tray at some Corner

Mostly, we send cats outside the house for litter as they do not have the habit of littering indoors. Well, if you do the same, it can cause a problem for you, since in winter, your cat will go outside for litter which can cause its body temperature to drop, leading to catching a cold. Hence, you should keep a litter plate at any corner of the house where it is possible for your cats to make a habit of using it inside the house. If you get a legitimate esa letter for yourself, you should know how to take care of your emotional support animal. This strategy is important for older cats because of their age and medical conditions.

  •         Engage them in the Indoor Activities

It is your responsibility to engage your cats in indoor activities since in winter, they have to stay at home most of the time and you can not allow them to go outside. For this, you can buy different toys for the cats or play games with them, such as, using string and playing with it. Along with it, you can use rats and other small animal shapes as well to force them to run or play. If your cat is clingy, spend as much time with it as possible.

  •         Do not Give them Extra Food

No ESA owner wants their cat to be lazy and sleepy all the time. To provide emotional support, you need your cat to be active and energetic. For this purpose, you should not give extra food to your cats as overeating can make them lazy and gain weight which affects their activity and mood. Therefore, in winter, try not to stuff your cats with a lot of food and take care of their diet and activities.

  •         Keep Check of your ESA Cat

Always remember, you cannot restrict your cat permanently at home. Cats have their mood swings too and if you will restrict them to staying indoors 24/7, they may get cranky and, sometimes, destructive. It is important to allow your cat to go out occasionally. However, when they come back home, always check their paws, wipe them with a hot towel, and remove salt or any chemical that is on the road. Their paws need to be clean so that they do not digest anything that upsets their stomach. Look for the sign of the Frostbites or any other injuries as well to be on the safe side.

  •         Set some Warm Shelter Outside Too

Having a cat is a great responsibility and you are supposed to fulfill it. It is true that keeping a cat in winter is not easy, but you can make it less difficult by setting a warm shelter for them outside your house too. They can go out and snuggle there for some time which will keep them warm and dry too. If you have a legit esa letter, it is important for you to take a lot of care of your cat. You can go for setting up a small insulated cat house or keep it someplace under the garden’s shade.

  •         You can always Microchip your Cat

Have you ever heard of putting a microchip in your cat? It is a procedure through which you can keep track of your cat as to where she goes to find a warm shelter and when she comes back. Also, remember to keep it up to date.

These are some of the tips that can help you to keep your cats warm in winter and make them healthy to give you emotional support.

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How to take care of an ESA cat in winter.

By Mark Vantec

How to take care of an ESA cat in winter.

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