Graphs and stats for PMs

What we'll discuss

  • Why we graph: Anscombe's Quartet (3 min)
  • When and how to use graphs and stats (3 min)
  • Examples of how to improve graphs (6 min)
  • Q & A (3 min)

Learning Objectives

  • The goal is to enable students to make reliable and precise assessments of data visualizations
  • Given a graph, the student will be able to assess the quality and clarity of the graph
  • Given an unclear graph, the student will be able to offer feedback on how to improve

Why we use stats & graphs


To measure:

  • Key metrics and tests
  • Expected feature impact
  • Roadmap projections


Metrics and graphs lead to:

  • Team focus
  • Achievable goals
  • Stakeholder support
  • More impact 


  • Engineering for impact
  • Design for priority 
  • Data science to prototype
  • Execs for impact 
  • PR, marketing, sales, and legal to be informed


  • Slack
  • Emails
  • Decks
  • Demos
  • Reviews 
  • Scorecards
  • Roadmaps 
  • Physical posters

Title Text

How can we improve?


  • Descending order
  • Eliminate extra labels
  • Use labels over table

Title Text

How can we improve?


  • Pie charts about pie
  • Eliminate labels

How to learn?

  • Practice making graphs
  • Look carefully at graphs you encounter in the wild
  • Tufte, Nathan Yau, 538

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