Fly Ranch


1. Fly Ranch acquisition 

2. Property overview 

3. 2018 programs

4. Technical projects

5. 2019 & 2020

1. Fly Ranch Acquisition


Internal Regulatory Geopolitical
Founders Commissioners Ecology
Board NV water & dams Neighbors
Donors Building inspector Gerlach
Purchase (550ppl) Permitting Washoe
59 Teams NV Legislature Pershing
3K Volunteers Governor  Reno
5.5K Thank-yous Congress 28 Tribes/19 colonies
Burners BLM Nevada
Regionals DOI Affiliates

Mental Models

Space Gatherings Projects
Hot Spring Healing center Farm
Garden Camping Agriculture center
Wildlife preserve  Conservation Native plants
Communal living Design challenges Maker space
Desert art hub Sculpture park Energy park
Education BWB, schools Innovation space

Proposed cadence

Economic growth

NV Energy power projects

2. Property overview

3. 2018 programs

Summary Statistics

  • Six guides have run 130+ walks with 1,400+ people
  • $46K in revenue and donations
  • 60+ new members of Friends (predictor for us) 
  • 12 camping trips with 400+ people
  • 21 guardians covering 48 shifts
  • 200+ people on eleven BRC walks 
  • 144 plants, 88 birds, & 10 reptiles, fish, and amphibians

4. Technical projects

Loose Roadmap

  • Software that enables discussion (6-12 mo.)
  • Decision-making software  (12-18 mo.)
  • Project management software (12-24 mo.)


Possible projects

Tech Deployment options Example use
Burner Profiles  API Crypto tokens
Discussions  JavaScript library CO2 to energy
Map-based projects App framework Fly batteries
Cloud platform AWS instance Regionals 
Open source  GitHub & Docker Community planning

5. 2019 & 2020

RAPID decisions

  • Recommend (People with idea they want to execute)
  • Agree (Stipulate who needs to agree to plan)
  • Performance (What are we doing, and who is doing it?)
  • Input (Engage relevant stakeholders in decision)
  • Decision (Commit organizational resources 

2019 Roadmap

Organizational Programming Infrastructure
Redesignate parcels Guardians Equipment
Water rights Camping/weekends Bus repair
Decentralize Design challenges Dog Ranch
Financial growth Ag tests Art
Event production kit Site improvements  Water systems 

2020 Design Challenge

Water Power Use Recycling Food
Filtration  Geothermal Housing Compost Hydroponics
Drinking Solar Kitchen Recycling  Aquaponics
Evaporation Wind Gatherings Incineration  Farming
Steam/soak Hydro Vehicles Vermicompost Gardens
Ice Batteries Makers Landfill gas Grazing 

Fly Ranch in 2018

By mateo sanch

Fly Ranch in 2018

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