Fly Ranch Q3

Focus areas

  • Spring expeditions 
  • Walks
  • BRC walks and talks

Expedition goals

  • Connect with the land and others
  • Test sustainability, art, gatherings, healing spaces
  • Build a model for trips and projects 
  • People say "this is Burning Man"

ADROIT Framework

  • Arrival
  • Decompression
  • Reception
  • Orientation
  • Interpretation
  • Transformation

Eight work weekends 

Generator shack resto

BRS helped with build

BRS taught/led furniture build

Infrastructure & lights

Milk + Honey solar array

Steamology banya

Steamology tent


The Pier

Four neighborhood pods

Weather happened

Rangers came

Walks was V1

"Once we arrived we were given some history of Fly Ranch/Geyser, Burning Man and FBRHR and what their hopes for the future are. Then off to the ranch. At the fence line you could see the geyser in the distance. It brought tears to my eyes, I had waited 20 years. The day was rainy and cloudy but it was still perfect to me."

Camping is V2

One word describing expeditions

  • Awesome
  • Fantastic
  • Invigorating
  • Beautiful
  • Communal
  • Transformational
  • Magical
  • Regenerative
  • Home
  • Luminous
  • Rejuvenating 


Event: Zac, Sugar, Scirpus, Daniel, Missa, Joe, Rangers, Willie, Breedlove, Mr. Blue 

Support: Founders, Lisa, Mike, BRS crew

Teams: Working Group, Steamology, Cooks, Solar, Pier, Sean, Narwhal, Work Weekends, Tent

Next steps

  • Retrospective
  • Energy weekend August 4th
  • BRC panels and walks 
  • Scale


Spring Expeditions

By mateo sanch

Spring Expeditions

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