Atom Video Chat

Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. İzzet Pembeci

Mert Kahyaoğlu

Senior Project Presentation

Project Description


  • A plugin for Atom Text Editor that allows video chat between collaborators


  • The project helps collaborators communicate with each other directly in the code editor without needing any other communication tools like Skype, Hangouts etc.
  • For open source contributers, remote workers, home office


  • Peer to peer communication (Mesh topology)
  • Video chat with multiple people
  • Login with Github username or get a random id
  • Notification system (Call requests)
  • Mute/Unmute


Mesh Topology


  • Atom Package API (Javascript ES6)
  • Peer.js ( P2P connection API for Javascript )
  • React.js ( component-based views for single page applications )
  • Redux ( handling states and actions for managing view-model relations )
  • SASS ( CSS extentions)

Future Works

  • Collaboratively editing documents

  • Sharing files

  • Friend / history lists for easy calls

  • Text chat integration

Thank You!

Mert Kahyaoğlu

Atom Video

By Mert Kahyaoğlu

Atom Video

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