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Designing Apps that Empower Employees

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Background Information on Enterprise Mobility

What is Enterprise Mobility?

    Enterprise Mobility:
  • Mobilizing business processes transform the way enterprises function
  • Enable higher employee productivity, increased customer satisfaction and better operations efficiency

Mobile OS: Android & Enterprise Mobility

    Emerging Opportunity:
  • With Cloud: Employees have access to all of the enterprise data and apps from outside the 4 walls
  • With Android & Firefox OS: available in Different Form-Factors & Price-points
  • Enterprise mobility can soon become a reality even at SMBs.
  • Huge opportunity for mobile developers to capitalise on this enterprise opportunity.

Enterprise Hardware: Mobile Devices

    Enterprise Devices:
  • Evolved significantly, might lack the finesse of consumer devices.
  • Different form factors - handheld, wearable (wrist watch, finger ring, shirt badge, etc.) and kiosk
  • Different input mechanisms (touch, voice, gesture)
  • Various sensors (rfid, nfc, barcode)

Enterprise Applications & Employee Experience

    Enterprise Applications:
  • Enterprise vs. consumer apps - security, availability, reliability, scalability, regulatory
  • Tools, technologies and audits - MDM, Enterprise App Store, many of these can be addressed.
  • However, the one often overlooked factor is the "Employee Experience".

Enterprise Applications & Employee Experience

Employee Experience:

  • Though enterprise apps need not be aesthetically pleasing as consumer apps,
  • Poor mobility experience: Breaks not just employee's usage, but of all employees & systems involved; Results in Low Morale, Poor Efficiency, Poor Business Results
  • Cost / Returns: Limited audience, essential to have 100% employee adoption
  • "Well-designed mobility apps empower employees to personify the enterprise"
  • Experiences from developing apps for enterprises also help in future consumer app development, once such technologies / form factors become mainstream.

  • Outline of Today's Talk

      Outline: With the help of real-world examples, the following questions will be addressed in the talk:
    1. Who is an enterprise employee?
    2. What is the employee's working context?
    3. Rethinking the design paradigm: "Mobile First" to "Employee First"
    4. How "Employee First" design helps in improved employee satisfaction and app adoption?

    My Experience

      Why Me?
    • 16+ Years of experience launching Mobility Devices & Software
    • Launched Symbol's FR6X mobile computer & associated field mobility solutions
    • Conducted UX studies & defined, launched Motorola's MotoFone mobile phone
    • Conducted Mobility Strategy, Design Studies
    • Consulted Enterprises & Partners
    • Identified Mobility Solutions within & outside the-4-walls
    • Worked with Blue & Gray Collar Employees - Industrial & Service
    • Across Different Verticals - Retail & Hospitality, Supply Chain, Healthcare, Field-Mobility
    • Using Mobile Devices: Multi-device, Multi-OS
    • Deployed Responsive Apps

    Employees & Usage Context

      Characteristics of Employees:
    • Cloud + mobility + Real-time info: Most benefits accrue from / to field personnel for enterprises
    • Sales personnel - highly opinionated, ego, non-conformance, Highly driven, brutal, Don't respect mediocrity, Can't stand complexity / scrutiny / transparency, Don't respect technology for tech sake
    • Varying Skill Level, age-groups all accessing same applications - Font size
    • If Field doesn't adopt mobility, enterprise mobility - BYOD all bound to fail
    • Good User experience - increases adoption - increases success
    • Simple and easy to use - otherwise, low morale, dissatisfaction, affect organisation processes
    • Try using a barcode scanner on a box with big barcode - trial and error; capture QR code using phone's camera

    Employees & Usage Context

      The meat of the talk Real-world examples

    Characteristics of Mobility Rollout

      Hear more during the talk Real-world examples

    Satisfying the Stakeholders

    You will be taken aback by the challenges Real-world examples

    Characteristics of Apps

    Yes, Its different Real-world examples

    Types of Apps

    Definitely, its different Real-world examples

    Employee First

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    Good Presenter: Not one who tries to impress the audience; But one who tries to cause benefit to the audience

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