Science Journal

What's Up Bot?

Journal Entry 1

Date: 1/27/2017

Grove Valley - What's Up Bot?

Marlee - Programmer  

Beau - Programmer  

Eli - Idea maker and ball chaser

Campbell - Idea maker and journal

Attempt #1


To get the ball into the cup with the launcher

Figure out the power level to get the ball in the cup

Learn how far away dash needs to be when launching the ball in the cup

The Plan

Our hypothesis for this attempt is that the right power level for the launcher will get the ball in the cup.

The controlled variable is how far away dash is from the cup.

The independent variable will be the power level. We will change the power level until we get the ball in the cup. 

Marlee and Beau will be programming. Eli will catch balls and help writing down power levels. Campbell will journal the results.

plan steps

  1. Attach launcher to dash
  2. Measure distance between dash and cup so that he is 5 centimeters away
  3. Develop test program to launch a ball
  4. Start launching at power 100 and go lower until dash makes the ball in the cup.
  5. Write down correct power levels for 5, 30, and 60 centimeter distances
  6. Write down any other conclusions


We figured out the power levels needed when dash was certain distances from the cup. We just measured the distance and then checked each power level value.

The ball would go in the cup with right power levels, but the cup would be knocked over sometimes. Look at the table for correct power levels.

Too many variables and the launcher wouldn't always stay in the same position if we had to take it off.

Distance From Dash To Cup Launcher Power
60 centimeters 70 %
30 centimeters 66 %
5 centimeters 60 %

Epic Fail


The launcher is not a good way to get the balls in the cup. Too many variables and the cup is knocked over 40% of the time.

We need to build a better attachment that can get the ball in the cup without knocking it over.

Journal Entry #2

Date: 2/4/2017

Grove Valley - What's Up Bot?

Marlee - Designer and tester 

Beau - Lego finder and tester

Eli - Attachment builder

Campbell - Designer and attachment builder

Attempt #27


Build an awesome lego attachment. The attachment needs to carry two ping pong balls. We also need to be able to knock one of the ping pong balls into the cup when we want to.

The part of the mission we are tackling is building the attachment for carrying and planting bamboo seeds.

The plan

Our hypothesis is that an attachment can be made to carry two ping pong balls that can be dropped in a cup on command.

We are going to brainstorm on ideas for attachments by drawing them on paper first. We are going to decide on the best design.

After choosing a design, Eli and Campbell will work on building the attachment. Beau will find lego pieces and develop a test program. Marlee is going to make sure the built attachment works and help with the program. 

Plan Steps

  1. Draw designs on paper and brainstorm attachment ideas
  2. Decide on the design
  3. Work together to build the design with legos
  4. Develop a test program to see if attachment can carry and drop ping pong balls
  5. Run test program to test the hypothesis
  6. Write down all conclusions

Attachment Build


The attachment we built was able to carry the two ping pong balls. The test program was able to drive dash to a cup, turn around, and then knock one of the balls in by turning his head. 

If dash moved or spun too fast, sometimes the balls would fall off. 

Some cups were knocked over when dash hit the balls in. 


Some observations we made will help us develop a better program. Dash will have to move slow while carrying the ping pong balls to make sure they don't accidentally get knocked off. 

We will have to improve the attachment so that balls don't roll off so fast that the cup is knocked over. 

Dash is peeling out because the attachment is so heavy, so we will have to add more weight to the front of dash.

Journal Entry #3

Date: 2/5/2017

Grove Valley - What's Up Bot?

Marlee - Attachment Builder 

Beau - Attachment Builder

Eli - Programmer

Campbell -  Programmer

Attempt #32


Fix the attachment so that dash will not knock over a cup when dropping a ball. 

Make sure the attachment is not too heavy on one side. If dash is not balanced, he will drive crooked or peel out.

We need to solve the part of the mission so that the seeds can be planted without knocking over the cup.

The Plan

Our hypothesis is that the attachment we have can be changed so that a ball will drop straight down in the cup without knocking it over. We will also be able to balance dash by adding legos in the needed spots so that he can drive without peeling out.

The variables we will change will be the lego locations on dash. Beau and Marlee will build the attachment. Eli and Campbell will test the program.

Plan Steps

  1. Brainstorm  how to fix the attachment

  2. Decide on design

  3. Build the attachment

  4. Test the attachment with the program for planting the seeds

  5. Write down conclusions


The changes we made to our attachment made our program a success! We added a bunch of legos to the front of dash. This balanced him so that his wheels did not peel out when he tried to move forward.

We added a ball stopper to the attachment to keep the ball from rolling off fast and knocking the cup over. The seeds can now be planted without knocking over the cup.

the ultimate attachment


Our hypothesis is correct! We were able to complete the challenge! 

Science Journal

By What's Up Bot?