Relational Databases & Goal Setting

  • A spreadsheet is a database
  • Relational databases = relationships between databases
  • Content model = how data is organized
  • Object model = how a single "thing" is organized
  • Relational databases have many object models within their content model
  • There must be a key relating two object models
Instructor Course Student
Kane DH Practicum E Tatum
Kane DH Practicum R Vivas
Kane DH Practicum A Smith
Kane DH Practicum H Doyle
Kane US Survey H Doyle
Kane US Survey T Laduke
Kane US Survey C Chadwick
Irwin US Survey C Chadwick
Irwin War on Terror H Doyle

Non-relational database

Relational database

Instructor instructor_id
Kane 1
Irwin 2
Course course_id
DH Practicum 1
US Survey 2
War on Terror 2
Student student_id
E Tatum 1
R Vivas 2
H Doyle 3
T Laduke 4
C Chadwick 5
A Smith 6
student_id course_id
1 1
2 1
3 1
3 2
3 3

SQL = Structured Query Language


SELECT * FROM Students WHERE Course="DH Practicum"


Basically a facet or filter that can work on multiple tables



Joins: Find the intersection of two object models

Project Planning Advice


Self care

Mental/Physical health

Short-term due dates
Finishing the diss


Long term personal plans (wedding, travel, etc)

Long-term due dates

In-person teaching

texting about lunch plans, etc
Your friends complaining about their professors/students

Dicking around on the internet


Not Urgent









Yes "I will spend one hour on Tuesday cleaning the Occupation and Birthplace columns in my data"

No "I will clean all of my data"


Yes "I will have a first draft of a line chart and a chloropleth map by Friday"

No "I will start my data visualizations"

Coming Attractions

  • Fossieck lunch in lieu of class Monday April 10
  • Design for accessibility
  • DH on a CV/resume
  • Learning to teach yourself & troubleshooting
  • Email me if there's anything you want to know more about or make sure we cover before the end of the semester!

Suggested planning


  • Do a data critique
  • Clean your data
  • Make a long-term to do list
  • First draft of 1 visualization

Relational Databases & Goal Setting

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Relational Databases & Goal Setting

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