Transform standard and 360 video into interactive living photos

Converted from "Red Bull Perspective" - Original Source

Unlike video, you never miss a frame.  Viewers see exactly the moment as envisioned.

Quick consumption, interactive, and highly engaging. Created from standard video and 360 footage.

Neither photo nor video - Living Photos

Converted from "American Beauty"

Add an interactive background on any website

Interactive Background

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Parallax Scrolling

Market commercial brands with a custom interactive UX (checkout, newsletter, etc.)

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NOTE - This is just a mockup

Market commercial brands with a custom interactive UX (checkout, newsletter, etc.)

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Converted from "Invasion!" - Original Source

NOTE - This is just a mockup

Capture the ultimate group shot

Create a living timelapse

  • 360 VR and Standard Video
  • Short form - 300 frames or fewer
  • Immersive VR capture with depth perception through motion parallax
  • High quality web-based playback
  • Offline native app (HDR, 8k60p, etc.)

Current Features

Custom Development

  • Interactive elements (buttons, hotspots, etc.)
  • Share as GIF/Video
  • Gamification
  • Sound support
  • etc.

Possible Executions

  • Web-based micro site
  • Integration with existing sites
  • Wall mount / standing display
  • Custom mobile apps
  • Photo booth
  • Software licensing
  • Capture support
  • Hardware rental
  • Technical consulting
  • Custom development
  • Creative collaboration
  • Hosting

Our Services

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