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The Morning Toast Mega Pack contains 6 games that were created in 2016 and 2017. One game, Bunyan's Rage, was previously unreleased.


All games were designed and programmed by Brian Vaughn using the PICO-8 fantasy console. Other credits are included in each game.


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DOWNLOAD & Installation

The Morning Toast Mega Pack is available as a free download for Windows.



Unzip the downloaded file in any folder on your computer. A sub-folder named mtmegapack will be created. Then run megapack to start.


You can play all games using a gamepad or keyboard.


Use the D-pad or arrow keys for movement and selection

Use Z and X on your keyboard as action buttons.

Hit P to pause any game and open the options menu.


Choose the Change game option in the menu to switch games


Invader Overload


Alien Harvest



Bullet Cave

Bunyan's Rage


Invader Overload is a Space Invaders Extreme tribute. This is an endless game, just keep shooting for a high score and see how many bosses you can defeat.


Invaders may drop colored coins. Collect 3 of the same colored coins in a row to unleash one of 3 powerful weapons for a short time.


Shoot the UFO and grab the yellow coin to start Overload Mode. During this time, all invaders will drop yellow coins. Grab them to advance into Boss Battles.


As if dealing with invaders from space wasn't enough, now you have killer bees to deal with. Shoot your way through 5 buzzing levels and try to stop the Queen.


Use your smoke to freeze honeycombs, allowing you to shoot and destroy them. But keep an eye on your power meter, it will impact your firing rate.


You must kill all bees, honeycombs, and hives to advance. Collect power-ups along the way to help. Your smoke also doubles as a shield.


Dylan Burke is finishing the job his father failed to complete on LV-426. He must be stopped. Explore planets and collect alien eggs to stop The Company.


Use your pulse rifle, bait stick, and brains to survive and destroy the Alien Queen once and for all. Try to unlock all 6 achievements along the way.


For more instructions, hints, and tips on playing Alien Harvest, please read through the Alien Harvest Player Manual


Who you gonna call?! A ghost army is invading the city and only the Ghostbusters can save the day.  


Bust ghosts and throw your trap through 5 levels of Tapper-like arcade fun. Don't let the slime meter fill up or it's game over.


Save the city and you'll unlock more of your favorite Ghostbuster characters.


Dad needs your help. Do your best to save his life by blasting through 4 levels of this manic, bullet hell shooter.


Rotate around in 360-degrees to avoid attacks and find a safe spot to shoot the core before time runs out.


Every hit takes time off the clock. Every mass you destroy gives you more time.


How far you can go down Bullet Cave? See how many of the 20 achievements you can unlock using 6 different weapons.


Shooting bad guys will cause the cave to collapse bit by bit, but letting them go by will cause a spiked wall to close in on you. What to do?


Collect Freeze modules and enter Freeze Mode, where all the cave affects are reversed! Carefully construct and de-construct the cave one bullet at a time.


Paul Bunyan only has 2-minutes worth of fuel in his jet pack...can you lead him to a final showdown with Babe the big blue ox?


Collect pints of beer to power up your axe blaster so you can take out the Rambo Squirrel henchmen trying to stop you.

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Morning Toast Mega Pack Player Manual

By Brian Vaughn

Morning Toast Mega Pack Player Manual

Quick play manual for Mega Pack games

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