GoFounders: A Community of Ash Mufareh's Vision

GoFounders presents you with an outstanding community that is committed to Mr. Ash Mufareh's visions of helping people to live a stress-free life with a regular flow of income.

GoFounders can also be called a registration office of ONPASSIVE, a leading IT company dedicated to developing unique marketing tools incorporated with AI-technology and Business Intelligence for its registered members.

After you successfully register yourself on GoFounders, you will get access to ONPASSIVE developed platform that will support you to automate your business process.

Is Ash Mufareh's GoFounders just for registration?

  • GoFounders isn't just a registration platform for ONPASSIVE.
  • It also acts as a community where all founders have access to various tools that are going to be useful in their entire journey for a successful and stress-free life.
  • GoFounders website also enables you to invite more members to join Ash vision through the "My Invitation" section, which will empower you to create e-mail templates for invitation purposes.
  • Aside from my invitation, you also get access to the webinars, which were held before you became the founder, along with the information about future webinars.
  • Founders can also download and use content such as videos, posters, and e-books created for founders to share them wherever they want to from the download section of the website.

Why Mr Ash Mufareh thought of building an online community?

  • Mr Mufareh has been very clear about his vision, and he very well knew that each community member, when they come together, would form a set of the army around the globe who will contribute to the success of each other.
  • "Community contribution is about every community member investing in some hours per day to accomplish tasks and achieve collective community goals."

Not only this, but there are also more reasons why Ash formed an online community for its founders:

  • An online community presents global appearance and benefits its members for creating a network around the world.
  • An online community also support people with new and fresh ideas and different point of views which helps them to be a leader in their niche.
  • An online community also enables its members to sync with other members in the community according to their skills and areas of interest, so that they stay passionate about their vision of leading a stress-free life with a guaranteed continuous flow of residual income.
  • An online community is also capable of providing its members with an opportunity to develop a relationship and work as a team towards a common goal.

GoFounders community is an excellent way of building a team, and Ash Mufareh launched this platform along with ONPASSIVE, an information technology company back in July 2018.

Mr. Mufareh's vision that endeavors at providing all those peculiarities that allow founders to invite those who are interested in joining this opportunity and it also provides its members with advanced technological tools that will enable founders to create engaging content for the invitees.

Join hands with GoFounders and be a part of this fantastic community that produces leaders who are capable of making important decisions for the growth.

These leaders also encourage and inspire other community members by being an example of how this business opportunity transformed their life by providing them what they promised, "financial freedom, and a successful business."

GoFounders: A Community of Ash Mufareh's Vision

By Ash Mufareh

GoFounders: A Community of Ash Mufareh's Vision

GoFounders presents you with an excellent community that is committed to Mr. Ash Mufareh's visions of helping thousands people to live a happy life with a regular flow of income.

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