Athletics & Writing

taking what you already know 

to get you where you need to go

Auburn 03-04 Football

Sample Catcher signals

UNG Basketball

UNG Basketball

drawn by Coach Faulkner

UNG Basketball

drawn by a student-athlete

So what's going on here?

All images show a person using language to communicate

All images show a person communicating to a specific AUDIENCE in response to a specific EXIGENCE 


All images show a person trying to anticipate the actions of an opponent

All images are taught by one person and modeled and mimicked and studied and learned by another.

All images are really similar to what you do in academic writing

Long history

This ain't new.

Gorgias wrote a handbook on public speaking AND on wrestling

He gave tips how to trip the opponent

Isocrates thought you needed training in gymnastics and philosophy to be a good member of society


Not so much.

Either a student

or an athlete

being both doesn't make sense for a lot of people

Remember Myron Rolle?

So our class?

The goal of FYC =

give you writing skills you can transfer to future writing contexts

just like goal of practice =

give you skills you can transfer to future games


Bunch of smart people who study WRITING TRANSFER say PRIOR KNOWLEDGE is really critical to learning new things

but has got to be the right kind of PRIOR KNOWLEDGE


athletics as prior knowledge

explicitly thinking about how you learn your sport and how that might help you with academic writing

key terms

focusing on key terms during a semester also helps WRITING TRANSFER

eight of them

eventually = your theory of academic writing based on your understanding of these eight key terms


gotta be intentional

don't give me the Iverson practice crap

So What's going on here?


Athletics & Writing

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Athletics & Writing

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