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Vladimír Oraný

Vladimír Oraný

Gaelyk Project Lead
Independent Software Engineer

Installing Glide

*nix Systems

curl -s | bash
gvm flush candidatessource ~/.gvm/bin/gvm-init.shgvm install glide

Download package from 
Extract Glide archive to e.g. C:/
Add Glide bin folder to the PATH (you can try RapidEE to do so)

Setup the Glide Website

mkdir my-glide-appcd my-glide-appglide createglide

Signup for App Engine

Google App Engine

Platform as a Service
(= you code, they do the rest)
For creating large scalable Google-like websites...
... but you can run your small website as well
Provides set of API to simplification

Multiple programming language support
Python, Java, Go, PHP

Example: Search API


and other contributors
Groovy enhancements for Google App Engine
Flexible routing system

Example: Search DSL


Tool to simplify creating Gaelyk websites
Removes all the Gradle clutter
Merges your project with Gradle template

Example: Glide Blog Demo

Sample Application

The Hand of Friends

antisocial network
only allows up to 5 friends
comments on posts
no public posts

We can try to implement them at the end


Google App Engine Java

Gaelyk Tutorial

Glide Website

Glide Examples

Task 1: Create Home Page

Create home page for the website

Use Gaelyk routing

See how view and controllers works in Gaelyk

To make the site looking more professional you can use Bootstrap framework

Task 2: The Feed Page

Create demo page where the feed will be show
Only logged in users can access the page
If the logged in user accesses the homepage 
redirect him to feed

See which predefined variables are available in the scripts
See how to configure security in glide.groovy
See how to configure security in Google App Engine

Task 3: Keep it DRY

Extract repetitive code from home and feed page
Add login and log out links

See how the layouts are configured in Glide
See how does sample layout page looks like
See how UserService works
See how to create Groovy Templates

Task 4: Post to the Feed

Crate new post
Show posts crated by logged in user
Add comments to the posts

You can use @Entity annotated classes to represent
stored data
User Query DSL to show related posts

Task 5: Manage Friends

Send email invitation
Add and remove friends

See Gaelyk's queues support

Task 6: Search in Posts

Add ability to search through the posts
Be careful about the privacy

Task 7: User admin

Ability to upload user's avatar
Ability to change the display name
Show avatars and display name at the posts

See how to upload files in Gaelyk
See how to work with images in Gaelyk

Task 8: Last Mile

Improve the performance using cache

See how memcache works in Gaelyk

Task 9: Deploy to the Cloud

Deploy the application to the Google App Engine

Gliding Gaelyk

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Gliding Gaelyk

Gliding Gaelyk Workshop

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