KU Leuven from home

The three major ways to access e-sources with KU Leuven access from home:


Less access

Lean Library Extension

KU Leuven information here, download here

Browser extension that automatically detects pages of digital sources with KU Leuven subscriptions and reloads URL through temporary, single-use VPN connection

Advantages: Very easy; automatic


  • Not all browsers / platforms (e.g. android);
  • Only KUL resources, no internal departmental webpages
  • Can (seldomly) cause problems when accessing e-source pages

Manually using EZ proxy

Find it here

Webpage where you can paste a link to a website you want to visit as if on a KU Leuven computer (also with bookmarklet)

Advantages: easy; on all platforms


  • Manual intervention
  • Only KUL resources, no internal departmental webpages

VPN / SSH Remote Access

Find info here,
see Putty for a windows SSH Client

Virtually connect to the local network available in Celestijnenlaan 200A through software or SSH tunnel


  • Exactly as if you were plugged in at your office.
  • Access both e-sources and internal departmental webpages
  • Even the network attached storage devices at CW or printers


  • Manual intervention necessary
  • More difficult one-time setup
Host tunnel
        Hostname ssh.cs.kuleuven.be
        User mattv
        Compression yes
        ForwardAgent yes
        IdentitiesOnly yes
        IdentityFile ~/.ssh/krr
        AddKeysToAgent yes
        DynamicForward 8080
        LocalForward 139 samba.cs.kuleuven.be:139

Example Configuration for SSH

Only an example: Change User, IdentityFile, Hostname, ...

DynamicForward 8080 allows to set up your computer network settings with a SOCKS proxy on localhost 8080

LocalForward 139 allows setup of departmental printers etc.

Format of SSH Config file: /home/user/.ssh/config on linux

Final thoughts

Printing is also possible from:
Ground floor printers (ckprint) - Login with Central Login
Printers on other floors (csprint) - Login with departmental account


By Matthias van der Hallen