Social Media Strategy

comunity of working oasis
around the world

"the work oasis"

Hamburg, Berlin, London, New York?

Travel worldwide in the internet but sitting allways in the same lost village? Web nomades need space for travelling and working worldwide.

Globaldesk opens the horizon. Get there where your spirit likes to be.

Find your working oasis to settle down, get new inspiration and contacts. Rest as long as you like and then travel ahead.


Follow your inspiration. 

Target audiences

Bored office owners


Stylish nomadic Workers

Benefits for Office Owners

  • enhance image and value of your  property
  • sales opportunity to captive audience of tenants (consulting, tax services)
  • enhance the yield of your property 
  • no hassle with payments

Nomadic Knowledge Workers

  • Meet interesting people in cool places
  • Less hassle searching  
  • Recommendation from people who think like you

Channels: Budget


earned    Pinterest (Tenant)

earned    Instagram (Tenant)

1700 €     Linkedin (Landlords)

earned    Xing (Landlords)

1100 €    Facebook (Landlords+Tenants)

900 €      Google Adwords (Landlords+Tenants) 



Google Ad Words

92.000 Impressions, 859 Klicks für 859 € 

Content Budget

500€ for Testimonial Video

Office Space Images: 800€ Photo (partly financed by landlords)

Employees = same target group  = customers
tweet / facebook / instagram their work places




Instagram, Twitter

-> Tenants
-> Theme: Community


-> Landlords
-> Theme: Trust, Ease

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GlobalDesk ​Social Media Strategy

By Martin Virtel

GlobalDesk ​Social Media Strategy

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