An Overview About Outbrain

Want to expand your content promotion beyond Outbrain or Taboola?


Looking for alternatives to Facebook and Google?


While many ad networks exist; only a few are worth your time and money. Save yourself some frustration with this short list of native ad networks to use your test budget.


What is Outbrain?

Outbrain is a content discovery platform that partners with websites, known as publishers, and mobile apps to show ads. You see content recommendations, aka ads, at the bottom of news stories and blog posts. This is a popular form of native advertising.

Pro's: Great for brand awareness and performance marketing, cost-effective, API available.


Con's: Trial and error to find ad creative winner.


List of Native Ad Networks:

#1 Taboola

#2 Revcontent

#3 Sharethrough

#4 Yahoo Gemini

#5 Nativo

#6 Ligatus

#7 Dianomi


#9 Spoutable



Promotion Worthy Content?

This post should shorten your research about Outbrain & Taboola competitors. Wondering what kind of native ads return a profit? Check out Native Ads That Drove Millions of Dollars in Profit.


Brax is a native advertising platform for bulk management, unified reporting and rule-based goal optimization across sources.


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